About Mystical Energy School



  Our comprehensive 3 year program allows the student to acquire certifications as they learn, encouraging them to begin their healing practice (if they so choose) immediately!

In addition, at the end of the first year they will be granted an Apprentice Certificate in Essential Energy Healing; at the end of second year they will be granted a Practitioner Certificate; and upon graduation after the third year they will receive a Essential Energy Master Healer certificate. 


What You'll Learn

Essential Energy Healing - Only taught at Trinity School of Mystical Energy Healing!

Transformational Reiki Levels 1-7 - Only taught at Trinity School of Mystical Energy Healing!

Multi-Dimensional Energy Healing 

Alchemical Healing

Soul Clearing

Integrated Energy Therapy
AromaTouch Technique
Native American Healings
Psychic & Intuitive Development
Sound Healing
And More!  



  Level One:

2018-2019 ​

September 28-30

November 16-18

December 14-16

January 25-27

March 8-10

​April 19-21


September 20-22

November 1-3

December 20-22

January 31 - Februrary 2

March 13-15

May 1-3

Level Two:   


September  21-23

November 2-4

December   7-9

January    18-20

March      1-3

​April     12-14


September 13-15

October 25-27

December 13-15

January 24-26

March 6-8

April 24-26

Level Three:


September  14-16

October    26-28

November   30 - December 2

January    11-13

February   22-24

​April    5-7


September 6-8

October 18-20

December 6-8

January 17-19

February 28 - March 1

April 17-19

Create Your Change!

This school will help you to navigate your life to be your most authentic self and in turn help others to be themselves also! If this program resonates with you, please consider signing up using our downloadable PDF below! Just fill out the form and send it to: 

Trinity Mystical Healing School

18 North Farms Road

Haydenville, MA 01039, USA


If you are interested in signing up for the school curriculum, that's great! 

You can download the application PDF below and send the form and application fee to us at: 

18 North Farms Road, Haydenville MA 01039.

Files coming soon.

Interested? Have questions?

Please feel free to reach out to us by clicking the link below!

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