Join Our JumpStart Program!

A seven week program designed to give you an in-depth look at your Chakra Energy System and how it effects Your Physical, Emotional, Mental & Spiritual Health. Each week will focus on one of Your Energy Center Chakras, with information received daily to create an encyclopedia of information that can be accessed at your own pace. 

Information will include:

  • Common blocks for each chakra center and how it manifests in Physical, Emotional, Mental or Spiritual Ways in Your Life. 
  • Techniques and strategies for moving and balancing the energy for each chakra.
  • Yoga and various methods for moving stuck energy in each chakra.
  • Guided healing meditations to heal and clear each chakra. 
  • Self-healing strategies and guided videos to assist with this. 
  • Seven weekly group conference calls about the Chakras with time for Questions & Answers.
  • One sixty minute free healing session with our Director Polly Jo Labbe in person or by Skype.
  • One Day Healing workshop for JumpStart Participants Only! 
  • JumpStart Private Facebook Group for questions, concerns, and connection with the Trinity School of      Mystical Energy Healing Community. 

If you are interested feel free to email us and let us know!