Wizarding Camp


Discover the Magic Within!

This week long camp is full of fun self-empowerment activities to help kids discover their own magic! 



  • Discovering The Magic Within: Introduction to Reiki and Chakras
  • Defense Against the Dark Arts: Empathic and Intuitive Skill Building
  • Divination: Making and Using Pendulums and Oracle Cards
  • Study of Ancient Runes: Creating and Using Runes
  • Potion Making: Using Essential Oils for You
  • Crystallography: Introduction to Healing Crystals
  • Wand Making: Using and Creating Wands
  • Astrological Signs: Understanding You from the Stars
  • Shapeshifting: How We Respond to Different Environments
  • Arithmancy: The Study of Magical Numbers


Camp Dates & Times

Kids ages 8-14 can dive into this magical camp 

August 5-9 from 9am - 4pm

at Trinity Healing Sanctuary. 

For more information about the camp or any questions you may have, please call (413) 268-3181 or email trinityschoolmysticalenergy@gmail.com

Ready to Sign Up?

That's great! 

You can download the application PDF below and send the form and application fee to us at: 

Trinity Healing Sanctuary, 18 North Farms Road, Haydenville MA 01039.

Wizarding Camp Application (pdf)