What does multi-vibrational energy mean?   

It means that energy vibrates at different frequencies (like notes on the piano) and at different color spectrums (like colors of the rainbow). Healing takes place when the frequency and spectrum are cleared and brought into harmony.  This energy works in multiple dimensions and on particles and waves (wavicles) simultaneously. It works on past lives and future lives. 

How do you learn multi-vibrational healing?  

You learn to hold the vibrations of various energies as well as the color. For example: You learn the vibration of the first chakra by holding the color red and the frequency of the note of C (in the various octaves).   You learn various healing modalities that work in harmony with certain colors and frequencies. For example: Reiki I resonates with the color red and the note of C. You clear your own energy system first, before working on others! Healings taught are to be used on yourself first, followed by a way to share with others. That is why Year One we focus on Healing Self at the Student Level; Year Two we focus on Healing Others at the Apprentice Level; and Year Three we focus on Healing Mastery at the Practitioner Level. 


The end result?  

A person who is authentic in themselves first and foremost, but also able to  BE their own unique self as they pursue their life purpose.